Pre-Toileting Skills – why are they important?

Pre Toileting Skills

Toilet training is a HUGE step for your child. It involves so much more than just weeing on the toilet. These are just some of the steps your child will need to learn: Hold on to wee/poo Request to use the toilet Be able to pull pants and underwear down and up Get on/off the […]

Echolalia: What is it and how can we help?

When Your Child with Autism Echoes: what is going on? Verbal imitation is a natural and important process of speech and language development. As children hear language around them, they copy the sounds, words or phrases and assign meaning to them in relation to what’s going on. After repeated practice, they can use the words […]

3 Steps To Help You Find a Quality Education and Care Service for your Child

Find Quality Education Service

Don’t know where to start or what you should look for?. Let’s how to Find Quality Education Service and Care for your Child. Here are some tips and the steps to take to locate a quality early learning service for your child. As a parent, you unquestionably want what’s best for your child. When it […]

Finding your child’s Smile during play

Written By: Nicola Hayes, Educator, Junior ESDM Therapist. Let learn about Finding your child’s Smile during play. As a parent I’m sure one of your favourite things in the world is to see your child smile. At times this may be a challenge to be able to find this or you might only see it […]

How to make everyday play more engaging

How to make everyday play more engaging

By Sarah McInnes, Early Childhood Teacher. Let’s Learn how to make everyday play more engaging | Child Development Institute.   Many psychologists have written about the importance of rich learning experiences for young children. So when they can explore the world in a safe, supportive environment. And are motivated and interested in the experience, they […]