Welcome to the Childhood Development Institute.

We specialise in the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM), an innovative, evidence-based, early intervention model for children experiencing neuro-developmental delay.

Children living with neurodiversity face huge challenges at home, at school, in life, daily. Their families, teachers and health professionals continually seek solutions for better support.

Early intervention services

High quality, early intervention can transform a child living with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or neuro-developmental delay.

Parent services and support

We have witnessed how programs of support perform best when a child’s family are involved.

NDIS Support Services

Find out about our NDIS Support Services here.


Quality of people.

The quality of people at the CDI is a great source of pride. Each member of staff is a fully qualified health professional or educator and a certified ESDM therapist.

To become a certified ESDM therapist, an individual must hold a 4-year degree in early childhood education, special education or allied health and successfully complete a 6 to 12 month ESDM training program.

Quality is maintained by weekly mentoring of all ESDM therapists. This ensures continuous improvement. Each therapist is also allocated time to collect and collate data, analyse a child’s progress and develop the most appropriate pathway to ensure each child’s progress.

Quality of evidence.

The ESDM is proven to work. Practiced worldwide, numerous clinical trials have validated the ESDM as a highly effective therapy for young children living with ASD, due to its comprehensive and naturalistic approach.

Clinical trials have shown the ESDM to provide greater improvement in cognitive and adaptive behaviour and language ability, while minimising the symptoms of autism.

Proven to be highly effective in both a one-to-one and group setting, there is a growing body of evidence to suggest the ESDM is also highly effective in a mainstream setting such as a childcare centre, pre-school or primary school, if delivered by ESDM trained educators.