COVID-19 Response

The Child Development Institute is a centre based early intervention service that is committed to providing the highest quality therapy services within a safe and hygienic environment.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 the CDI has taken many steps to ensure we are able to continue providing suitable services at our centre, to support our parents in the most appropriate ways, and provide continuity of therapy for our children.

All of our therapy services are continuing, with the exception of one program (see details below), but we have also introduced Telehealth options for families that choose not to leave their home, but still need our support.

Keeping our centre safe:

  • We have introduced strict hygiene and sanitation practices that must be followed by all persons entering our centre. These include temperature taking and hand sanitiser application on entry. Any staff member who is feeling unwell must remain at home and, if advised by a health professional, be tested for COVID-19. They cannot return to work until they have received a negative result.
  • We are following strict social distancing guidelines.
  • All of our clinic and group program spaces comply with the guideline of 4 square meters per person.

Introduction of new digital and telehealth programs:

  •  While we are continuing to offer our face to face services at the centre, we have introduced an option for parents to book a telehealth consultation session in replacement of a clinic session, should they choose to self isolate during this period, or are quarantined
  • We have launched a new Digital Parent Support Program which entails a weekly video sent to all enrolled families with tips and strategies around a particular topic
  • We have also launched parent coaching via telehealth. This is designed to upskill parents in how to deliver ESDM therapy directly to their child

Program Changes:

The only program that we are not running during the COVID-19 pandemic, is our Mainstream Support Program. While some parents have taken their children out of their childcare or preschool we are offering a replacement group therapy program that is held within our centre. Once the pandemic is over we will re-introduce the program that takes place within your child’s mainstream service.

If you have any further questions about how the CDI has responded to the COVID-19 crisis please do not hesitate to contact us at