Our Services

The CDI is proud to offer services that are tailored to not only the child, but also the people around the child.

We know from multiple research studies that a consistent approach delivered by therapists, parents and family members, as well as educators at their childcare or preschool, will result in better outcomes for the child in the short and long term.

Click here to find out more about our child focused Early Intervention services and how our services are designed to fade over time, as the child’s skills develop.

Click here to find out more about our services for parents and family members and support for NDIS applications and reviews.

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Early Intervention

The CDI offers a suite of early intervention programs that can be tailored to your child’s needs and their developmental goals.

Parent Services

Early Childhood Intervention Australia advocates that Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention involves engaging children in their natural environments such as at home.

Mainstream Services

The CDI supports your child in their mainstream childcare or preschool setting by providing mentoring and coaching to their educators, aimed to promote their inclusion and participation

Inclusion Coaching Program

The Child Development Institute has developed a tailored mentoring and coaching program to help childcare centres and preschools overcome barries to inclusion.

NDIS Support

Every child attending the CDI has received an NDIS plan for intensive therapy. We can support you through this process.

Fading Supports Over Time

Every child enrolled at the CDI is on their own unique journey. Our aim is to fade supports over time, as their skills develop and their support needs reduce.