Parent Services

Early Childhood Intervention Australia advocates that Best Practice in Early Childhood Intervention involves engaging children in their natural environments such as at home. It highlights the many learning opportunities that are present in the home environment and emphasises the benefits of high-quality parent and child engagement.

The Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) is a naturalistic play-based intervention model for young children with neuro-developmental delays aged 12-60 months. It is a high quality interaction style that can be delivered, not only within educational settings and clinics, but also by parents and carers within the family home during play and daily routines. Children spend most of their time at home, therefore it is essential to equip families with skills and confidence to make every day play and daily routines more meaningful and purposeful. The Child Development Institute recognises the central role of parents in each child’s life.

As such, we offer a number of opportunities for parents to learn new skills in a supported environment.

Parent Capacity Building Group

The Parent Capacity Building group program has been developed with the aim of supporting parents in developing skills and confidence to know that each interaction with their child is benefitting their learning. The term by term enrolment into the group ensures that the program is tailored to each child and parent’s interests, strengths and needs. By doing so…

  • Children are provided with a supportive environment to practice and learn new skills
  • Parents are empowered to interact and play with their child with confidence whilst building connections with other families
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How the Program is Delivered

The Parent Capacity Building Group is a term based program of 10 x 1.5 hour sessions supporting 4 parent and child pairs and is delivered by 2 ESDM therapists.

Before the commencement of the program, each family will attend a ‘Goal Setting’ meeting with the Program Co-ordinator. In this meeting, each family will discuss a few key goals they would like to work towards in the program. An example of goals could be, ‘I want to play with my child for at least 5 minutes’ or ‘I want my child to look at me more.’

The program will include:

  • Arrival into Outdoor Play – Therapists will speak to parents about how their week has been as children settle into the program
  • Transition Indoors – Snack time: Personal Independence skills will be targeted based on your child’s current ESDM program
  • 2 rounds of Coaching Play Activities: Therapists will support your play with your child based on your personal goals as well as your child’s current ESDM program
  • To conclude – An interactive group time that focuses on your child’s ability to attend to small group experiences as well as to target imitation, communication, and social skill goals

How can the Parent Capacity Building Group help parents?

  • Access community activities – connecting with other parents who also have a child with ASD to share ideas and experiences
  • Feel safe, comfortable, and accepted within our group to increase your confidence to actively play in various experiences and activities
  • Enhance interaction and engagement with your child, building your strengths and developing new skills
  • Learn strategies to create opportunities for your child to practice skills with you within different everyday environments
  • Learn meaningful skills to help motivate your child and increase their participation within your family and local community

How can the Parent Capacity Building Group help my child?

  • Opportunities for social interaction with other children with support of their parent and
  • Secialised therapists
  • Learn new skills in a supported group setting
  • Develop functional play and learn new skills with activities of their interests
  • Learn to transition smoothly between activities
  • Support your child to seek social interactions with you, their siblings and others within the local community

To find out more about the Parent Capacity Building Group please contact us through the Enquiries form.

Parent Coffee Mornings

The CDI schedules fortnightly 1 hour coffee mornings for parents to come together, build a carers network and learn about a topic that will help them understand their child’s needs and provide knowledge that will assist them in supporting their child at home and in their community.

Topics will vary each fortnight and sessions will be run by both internal CDI team members and external partners from our local community.

These sessions are free of charge for all enrolled parents/carers but RSVP is required as numbers are capped.

Parent Services