Mainstream Services

The Child Development Institute (CDI) advocates for the rights of all children to be included and participate within every day, natural community settings and events (such as preschool, school, swimming lessons, local parks etc). The CDI mainstream support program was developed with the aim of supporting inclusive practices for children with ASD within their community education settings. Our staff will visit your child’s centre and guide their mainstream educators, enhancing inclusion and participation.

Objectives of the Mainstream Support Program

Your child will be supported to be included effectively into their mainstream environment through their individualised goals, guided practice and collaboration with their mainstream staff.

The following overarching mainstream support learning outcomes will be targeted:

  1. Settling into an educational environment and following daily routines
  2.  Independently transitioning between routines, activities and tasks
  3. Participating in learning activities within small and large group play experiences
  4. Playing alongside their peers and educators
  5. Using play materials appropriately and increase their repertoire of functional play
  6. Participating in personal independence tasks
  7. Develops new and appropriate skills to communicate with peers and adults
Fading Supports Over Time

How the Program is delivered?

The mainstream support program is a 10-11 week program offered in line with school terms, which includes the following:

Development of an individual program

The mainstream support program is a 10-11 week program offered in line with school terms, which includes the following:

Weekly visits to your child’s mainstream centre

Each week your Therapist will visit your child’s centre for a 2 hour visit. During this time they will model and provide guided practice with the mainstream educators to support and build their skills, enhancing your child’s inclusion within their programs.

Weekly written reports

Following each visit, your Therapist will document your child’s progress against their program and goals and provide this valuable information to the family and Centre

ESDM Capacity Building for Educators at the CDI

Throughout the term there will be opportunities for your mainstream educators to visit the CDI for capacity building.

  • Up to 3 educators from your child’s mainstream service can attend a 2 hour workshop that aims to enhance your child’s inclusion within their mainstream programs.
  • There will be an opportunity throughout the term for your child’s Mainstream educators to observe your child within their ESDM program at the CDI, learning practical ESDM techniques and strategies through modelling.

Regular sharing of individualised resources

CDI Therapist will share knowledge and practical resources with the mainstream centre educators.

Email support for Mainstream educators and family

If additional support is required a CDI Therapist is available via email. Collaboration across services is key to your child’s progress.
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