NDIS Support

NDIS stands for National Disability Insurance Scheme. It exists to support Australians coping with a disability, their families and carers.

The NDIS is a fantastic scheme, which parents at the CDI can use to fund their child’s therapy and also use to access our parent programs. But applying to the NDIS is time-consuming and sometimes tricky.

Help is at hand, though.

At CDI we provide individualised support to help parents apply for an NDIS plan.

Once your child has started to attend therapy at the Child Development Institute, we’re able to assist you in preparing for an application to review your NDIS plan if your initial plan does not meet your needs.

Our assistance will:

  • Provide a summary of your child’s ESDM assessment detailing abilities and gaps in each development area
  • Provide you with a document detailing how the CDI delivers the ESDM therapy, highlighting our evidence-based strategies
  • Provide supporting evidence of the developments in your child’s abilities since they started receiving the ESDM therapy
  • Provide a quote for your child’s personalised program as agreed with your Key Worker based on your goals for your child

ESDM Preliminary Assessments

If your child is not yet enrolled at the CDI, we can still help you to provide powerful evidence for NDIS planning meetings through our Preliminary Assessment.

A CDI Preliminary Assessment is conducted by 2 CDI Therapists who are trained in the Early Start Denver Model. They will play with your child for 60-90 minutes and conduct a short interview with the parent, to collect all the information they require. 

The written report will provide the NDIS Decision makers with a thorough understanding of where your child’s skills are at and their abilities across every area of their development. This will be compared to where their skills should be, based on their chronological age. The report will also make recommendations of therapy supports necessary for your child to achieve their goals, written in a format supported by the NDIS. 

We run Preliminary Assessments at both our Western Sydney centre and Northern Beaches centre. 

Please call Bev on 9037 2234 to enquire about booking a preliminary assessment. 

If you require further NDIS support prior to commencing at the CDI please visit www.footprintsadvocacy.com.au.