Fading Supports Over Time

Every child enrolled at the Child Development Institute is on their own unique journey. 

As each child progresses through their Individualised ESDM Program. Their skills will develop and their support needs are likely to change over time.

Below is an example of how supports may change and fade throughout a 2 year enrollment at the CDI.

Stage One: Settling Into Your Child's Esdm Journey

Typically, a child commences at the CDI with the following enrolment pattern:

  • 1-2 ESDM Clinic sessions per week to intensively target their individual goals and fill in the learning gaps that have accumulated over time
  • 2-3 days per week of Inclusion Readiness Program to provide more intensive hours of early intervention and provide a specialised learning environment where they are supported to participate and build social connections.
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Fading Supports Over Time

Stage Two: A Holistic Approach To Support Your Child

After your child has settled into their Clinic and IRP programs, we encourage enrolment into the capacity building programs to support your child in their natural settings – at home and at their childcare or preschool.

  • The Parent Coaching Playgroup will build your understanding of the ESDM and how to embed some of the principles into everyday routines. You will be coached in how to create learning opportunities for your child at home which will accelerate their development and functional abilities.
  • The Mainstream Support Program is a wonderful addition to a child’s program because it benefits them for the many hours they are at Childcare or Preschool. When their educators understand their needs, and how to include them in their programs, your child is likely to be more settled and engaged.

Parents may choose to enroll in the Mainstream Support program for 2 or 3 terms throughout their child’s time at the CDI, particularly if their educators change, or they move mainstream centres.

Stage Three: Reducing Supports As Needs Change

As a child progresses through their ESDM programs they may reduce from 2 clinics per week to 1 clinic per week.

They may also leave, or reduce their days in IRP, and pick up Start Strong in the preparation to attend school.

Fading Supports Over Time
Inclusion Coaching Program Fading Supports Over Time

Ongoing Support & Guidance Throughout Your Child's Enrollment

At every quarterly review your therapist will collaborate with you during a 1:1 meeting to discuss your family’s priorities, your child’s progress, new goals and what programs will best suit your child’s needs.

Our Therapists will also provide referrals to other Professionals if the CDI is not able to cater for all of your child’s needs.

Every step of the journey, from soon after the diagnosis through to starting school, the CDI will be there to support and guide parents, and provide the specialised early intervention for your child that will make a significant difference to their future.