Supporting self-regulation through co-regulation

Child Development

As a parent you may have observed your child having a big reaction to what might seem like something small. They may have been offered something they didn’t want, been asked to wait, or requested to do something they didn’t want to do. In response, you may see your child exhibiting behaviours such as screaming, […]

Using Onomatopoeia to Develop your Child’s Language

Autism language development

Onomatopoeia is a very big word, but it’s meaning is quite simple. It is a word that evokes the sound of the thing it refers to or describes. Let’s get clarify more how Onomatopoeia help to Autism language development. Some examples are ‘Boom’ ‘honk’ ‘beep’ and ‘woof’. Research has shown that using onomatopoeia when speaking […]

Echolalia: What is it and how can we help?

When Your Child with Autism Echoes: what is going on? Verbal imitation is a natural and important process of speech and language development. As children hear language around them, they copy the sounds, words or phrases and assign meaning to them in relation to what’s going on. After repeated practice, they can use the words […]

How to make everyday moments “teaching moments”

teaching moments

Making everyday moments teachable for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) might be a little bit different to teaching typically developing children within everyday moments when they ask… “Why is the sky blue?’ or ‘Why do fishes live in the sea?’. Let’s Learn How to make everyday moments teaching moments. Like neurotypical children, children […]

How to make everyday play more engaging

How to make everyday play more engaging

By Sarah McInnes, Early Childhood Teacher. Let’s Learn how to make everyday play more engaging | Child Development Institute.   Many psychologists have written about the importance of rich learning experiences for young children. So when they can explore the world in a safe, supportive environment. And are motivated and interested in the experience, they […]