Supporting your Child with Autism to Transition

Child with Autism Transition

Transitioning from one activity or space to another is often challenging for young children. But for a chid with Autism it is even harder. Melt downs, arguments and huge frustration can be the result. Let’s learn more about your Child with Autism Transition.   But there are some things you can do to help your […]

The Differences between ABA and ESDM

Differences between ABA and ESDM

We are often asked how the Early Start Denver Model (ESDM) differs from Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA). Here are some short points on some of the core similarities and differences between ABA and ESDM. Key Similarity: ABC learning (Antecedent, Behaviour, Consequence) ABA is at the foundation of the ESDM as they both involve implementing behaviour […]

Teaching your Child Imitation through Song

IRP group time Teaching Imitation through Song

Music is intrinsically motivating. It is a naturally rewarding experience – it’s fun, its predictable, and it’s rhythmic! Action songs in particular, are a powerful tool to use to support children’s joint attention and imitation skills. Imitation is fundamental to child development as it allows the child to learn new skills. As we know, imitation […]

Pre-Toileting Skills – why are they important?

Pre Toileting Skills

Toilet training is a HUGE step for your child. It involves so much more than just weeing on the toilet. These are just some of the steps your child will need to learn: Hold on to wee/poo Request to use the toilet Be able to pull pants and underwear down and up Get on/off the […]