10 Tips to Make Mealtime with Your Child Easier

Make Mealtime with Your Child Easier

Where do I start? Mealtimes with all children can certainly be a stressful event in any family home. Let’s Get some tips about how can you Make Mealtime with Your Child Easier. Here are 10 helpful tips that I have used during my time as an ESDM therapist in our Inclusion Readiness Program and at […]

Pre-Toileting Skills – why are they important?

Pre Toileting Skills

Toilet training is a HUGE step for your child. It involves so much more than just weeing on the toilet. These are just some of the steps your child will need to learn: Hold on to wee/poo Request to use the toilet Be able to pull pants and underwear down and up Get on/off the […]

How to make everyday moments “teaching moments”

teaching moments

Making everyday moments teachable for children who have Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) might be a little bit different to teaching typically developing children within everyday moments when they ask… “Why is the sky blue?’ or ‘Why do fishes live in the sea?’. Let’s Learn How to make everyday moments teaching moments. Like neurotypical children, children […]