Once you have been through the NDIS planning process and have an NDIS plan for your child. There are three ways that you can manage the plan. Let’s Lear how you will manage Self Managing your NDIS Plan.


With this option, your providers are responsible for making payment requests for their services. And will be paid directly by the NDIA. This option will only allow you to access NDIS-registered providers.



In this option, you will choose a registered third party ‘plan management agency’. Or ‘financial intermediary’ to manage your NDIS funding. Your providers will submit invoices to the plan manager, who will then pay the provider on your behalf. Being plan-managed will allow you to access both NDIS-registered and non-NDIS-registered providers. However, plan managers can only pay up to the price limits listed in the NDIS Support Catalogue.



In this option, you will be responsible for paying for your child’s session. And then submitting ‘Payment Requests’ to have this payment reimbursed. Your service provider will give you invoices for your child’s session(s). So you pay for the session and then you claim it back from the NDIS. Being self-managed gives you the greatest choice. And control in using your NDIS plan – you will be able to see both NDIS-registered. And non-NDIS-registered providers and are not limited by the pricing limits of the NDIS Support Catalogue.


Self-managing a plan may seem a bit daunting at first – but it shouldn’t be! 

The easiest way to make your payment requests are through the myplace participant portal. This portal will be linked with your myGov account – your ECEI Coordinator will support you to activate. Also  log on to, and navigate the participant portal.  

When you are in your child’s NDIS Participant Portal, you will be able to navigate to making payment requests by clicking ‘My/Child’s Payment Requests > Add Payment Request’. It will ask for the following information: 

Note!: If you are submitting multiple payment requests, you can click “Add Another” to add multiple payment requests. 

Once are you finished adding payment requests, click ‘Next’. It will show you a preview and summary of your payment request(s). There will be a declaration for you to read and tick, and then press “Submit” – and then you’re done! 

Payment requests are generally processed within 48 hours. And the funding will appear in your bank account within this time if approved. You will be able to see the status of submitted payment requests in the participant portal in ‘Payment Requests’ > ‘View Payment Requests’. 

Your ECEI Coordinator will also support you to link your child’s NDIS plan to a nominated bank account. So that you can receive your self-managed payment. It is recommended that you open a separate bank account to self-manage NDIS plans. This will help you to keep track of your session payments. And reimbursements more easily, without your daily expenses getting in the way.

NDIA require self-managed participants to keep their invoices for up to five years. As evidence that you are using your funds appropriately. These may be randomly audited at any time. When you receive your invoices from NDIS, it would be helpful to store them somewhere safe. Whether you upload it directly onto the myplace participant portal, on your computer, or on an external drive! 

 Written by: Grace Cheng, CDI Therapist and NDIS Co-ordinator

Helpful Links: 

NDIS Price Guide and Support Catalogue: https://www.ndis.gov.au/providers/price-guides-and-pricing (Note: Price Guides and Support Catalogues are updated every financial year. And may be updated prior to then to reflect any significant changes). 

Further information on self-managing: https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/using-your-plan/self-management 

Further information on the myplace participant portal: https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/using-your-plan/managing-your-plan/how-use-myplace-portal